Steel Structure Poultry Breeding Houses

Steel Structure Poultry Breeding Houses

Time: 2019-01-02

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Product Informaition

Prefabricated Steel Poultry Farm House Design and Construction

Poultry Farm House are made of high grade painted steel frame/structure as strong skeleton and lined with sandwich panel as wall and roof, these are pre-designed and manufactured in the factory and later assembled on site. And the poultry house could be used at least 10 years.

We normally design poultry shed with PU sandwich panel as wall board, and on site made fiberglass wall as roof board.

which is water-proof, fire-proof, heat-proof, heat-insulation, heat-preservation, sound-insulation. for the pictures, pls find the below.

Why you choose Qingdao Hapy?

we are specialized in prefab poultry farm design and construction, now our projects stand in more than 30 countries all over the world.

The customized optimal design. We can avoid the loss caused by false design due to lack of specialized knowledge.

Effectively managing each overlapping sub-projects, eliminate the factors influencing the time schedule.

Precisely control the positions for future product mounting, in case of errors leading to reconstruction.

Design from an integral perspective, reasonable arrangement reduces the construction time span.

Specialized project management, professional installation team ensures the project is conducted under safe and scheduled supervision.

Professional and considerate after-sale service eliminates the customer’s concerns and worries.

Every marketing manager is well trained and willing to provide best services.

we have a strict standard for finished products testing, to ensure the quality of all our steel structures.

General description of steel structure poultry house



Customized or we design as per clients' needs



Life span


Main frame

Main frame

Q345B & Q235

Secondary frame

Q235 C or Z section Purlin, Round Bar


Angle brace, Welded Pipe

Maintenance frame

Wall & Roof cladding

Single color corrugated steel sheet

EPS, Glass wool, Rockwool, PU, etc sandwich panel

Steel sheet THK. :0.3-0.7mm

Heat Insulation THK.:50-150mm


Painted surface

Antirust paint,total thickness: 100-120um; Warranty period: 18-20 years

Hot dip galvanized surface

65,86um; Warranty period: 45-50 years



Sliding door, pvc door

Drainage system


Main feeding system

Broiler pan feed system

Nipple drinking system

Environment control system

Ventilation system

Cooling pad system

Spraying system

heating system (heater )

Curtain system


steel frame is packed in 40'OT container, Maintenance frame and others are packed  in 40'GP or 40'HQ

The Poultry house equipments composed of :

1)  Main Feeding System

2)  Pan Feeding System

3)  Nipple Drinking System
4)  Ventilation System
5)  Environment Control System
6)  Cooling Pad System
7)  Spraying System
8)  Curtain System
9)  Hot Blast Stove Heating System

We also can provide you overvalue services :( one -stop service for poultry farm needs )

1. Poultry House site Selection
2. Poultry House Design and Construction Preparation Guidance.
3. poultry house construction 
4. Breeding Equipment Installation
5.After-sale Services

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