How many parts does the automatic feeder have?

Jul 23, 2019

1. Power distribution system: The power distribution system is designed by professional electrical engineers. When the automatic feeding machine walks to the head and tail end, it has a travel switch for automatic walking, cutting, and spray stop protection;
2. Walking system: The transmission mechanism of the walking system adopts chain and sprocket transmission. The walking wheel is made of high-quality cast iron, and has good anti-vibration effect and corrosion resistance. The guide rail is laid with No. 3 channel steel, which makes the walking stable and increases the contact area. To prevent slipping and save energy;
3. Traveling power system: The traveling power system is driven by the vertical motor with advanced cycloidal pinwheel reducer. It has no loss, low failure rate, long service life, stable operation, low noise and reduced noise impact on the chicken. To increase the egg production rate;
4. Unloading power system: The automatic feeding machine feeding system adopts the reduction and variable speed motor as the power, and implements any adjustment of 40-200r/min. The adjustment sensitivity is high and the bearing capacity is strong, the noise is low, the service life is long, and the operation is simple. Stable force; beautiful appearance, small structure, etc.;
5. Material quantity adjustment system: The material feeding wheel is a nylon part pressed by a special mold to prevent damage to other parts after the foreign matter falls. Adjusting the lowering wheel can keep the feeding amount of each cutting device consistent, and achieve the cutting. Uniform purpose;
6. Lifting system: The lifting system consists of a flat conveyor and a vertical conveyor. The vertical conveyor transports the feed from the ground to the flat conveyor. The flat conveyor distributes the feed evenly to the hoppers on the feeder. After the hopper of the feeder is fully filled, the stroke switch senses the signal to disconnect the control loop of the motor and ends the work of conveying the feed.




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